Sunday, October 26, 2014

as aired:

8 : 53 : 51 am

London Symphony Orchestra - Pierre Boulez
Orchestration of the Fugue No.2 from J.S. Bach's Musical Offering
Anton Webern: Complete Works Opp 1-31 
Sony Classical

8 : 50 : 31 am

Joao Carlos Martins - piano
Prelude & Fugue No. 36 in F minor
The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II
Concord Concerto

8 : 45 : 17 am

Robert Levin - organ
Prelude & Fugue No. 13 BWV 858
The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I
hanssler edition bachakademie

8 : 41 : 20 am

Juilliard String Quartet
Contrapunctus 6 - Im Stile francese
J.S. Bach: The Art of the Fugue
Sony Classical

8 : 02 : 44 am

Mark Bernat
Suite No. 4 in D Major
Johann Sebastian Bach: Suites for double bass
MAD Recordings

7 : 55 : 02 am

Erich Gruenburg, violin - Roger Vignoles, piano
Twelve Short Pieces for violin & pianoforte in three sets 
{assorted selection} {late October1894} 
Sir Hubert Parry: Violin Sonatas

7 : 04 : 02 am

Prague String Quartet
Cypresses {1887}
Antonin Dvorak: The String Quartets
Deutsche Grammophon

6 : 50 : 32 am

George Pieterson - clarinet
Netherlands Wind Ensemble - Edo de Waart
Ebony Concerto {1946}
Igor Stravinsky: Symphonies & Concertos 

6 : 41 : 41 am

Elisabeth Klein - piano
Collage of Fragments from Aus den Sieben Tagen {1968}
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Piano Works

6 : 31 : 16 am

Sarah Rothenberg - piano
October & November {1839}
Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel: Das Jahr
Arabesque Recordings

6 : 25 : 24 am

Cecilia Bartoli & Jean-Yves Thibaudet
Amarilli mia bella {Giulio Romolo Caccini 1614}
Live in Italy

6 : 08 : 46 am

Felicity Lott with the Scottish National Orchestra - Bryden Thomson
Les Illuminations Op.18 {texts by Arthur Rimbaud} {1938}
Benjamin Britten: Les Illuminations/Serenade

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Potentials & probabilities include:

Les Illuminations Op.18
Benjamin Britten
texts by Arthur Rimbaud
Felicity Lott

Amarilli mia bella
Giulio Romolo Caccini
Cecilia Bartoli
Jean-Yves Thibaudet
Live in Italy 1998

October & November
Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel
{composed in Rome, autumn 1839}

Collage of Fragments from
Aus den Sieben Tagen
{Karlheinz Stockhausen 1968}
assembled & realized by Elisabeth Klein

Ebony Concerto
Igor Stravinsky 1946

Antonin Dvorak 1887

Twelve Short Pieces
Sir Hubert Parry 1894

Suite No.6 in D Major BWV 1012
Johann Sebastian Bach
Mark Bernat, double bass

The Art of the Fugue
Johann Sebastian Bach
movement{s} played by the Juilliard Quartet

The Well-Tempered Clavier Book I
Prelude & Fugue played on organ
Johann Sebastian Bach

The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II
Prelude & Fugue played on piano
Johann Sebastian Bach

Ricercar from the Musical Offering
Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestrated by Anton von Webern

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dead White Guys 9.28.14

Alfred Schnittke:

Concerto Grosso No. 1 {1977}
for two violins, harpsichord,
prepared piano & string orchestra

Gidon Kremer, Tatiana Grindenko, Yuri Smirnov,

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe - Heinrich Schiff
{Berlin, September 1988}

Deutsche Grammophon

Alban Berg:

Allegro misterioso
from the Lyric Suite {1925-26}

Arditti Quartet {London 1989}


Alfred Schnittke:

Quasi una sonata {1968}
for violin & chamber orchestra

Gidon Kremer, Yuri Smirnov,

Chamber Orchestra of Europe
{Berlin, September 1988}

Deutsche Grammophon

Antonin Dvorak: 

String Quartet No.11
in C major, Op.61 B.121
{October-November 1881}

Prager Quartet

{Prague, 1975}

Deutsche Grammophon

Johannes Brahms:

Romanze from String Quartet No.1
in C minor, Op.51 No.1 {1873}

Quartetto Italiano

{Vevey,Switzerland, August 1967}


Benjamin Britten:

Waltz from Three Divertimenti
for string quartet {1936}

Belcea Quartet {Suffolk, England 2003}

W.A. Mozart:

Andante, Menuetto & Trio
from String Quartet in F major KV 590 {1790}

Franz Schubert Quartet of Vienna {Monmouth, UK 1994}

Brilliant Classics

John Ireland:

Month's Mind {from London Pieces 1933}

John Lenehan, piano {Bristol, UK 1995}


Kurt Weill:
Song of Human Inefficiency/Mack the Knife

Livia Sohn, Benjamin Loeb {Ontario 2006}


Henry Purcell: 
Dance for the Green Men
Monkey's Dance {from the Fairy Queen}
Dido's Lament

Les Voix Humaines {Quebec 2008}


J.J. Froberger:
Tombeau de M. Blancheroche
Suite X {A minor} [excerpt]

Thurston Dart, clavichord


Louis Moreau Gottschalk:
Danza {Puerto Rico, 1857}
Bamboula {composed in a typhoid fever delirium
at Clermont-sur-L'Oise, France 1844}

Robert DeGaetano
Denver, NY 1989

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Frank & Ethel Bridge

Dead White Guys – Sunday Morning Classical Radio
6-9 AM - 8/10/14 WCBN 88.3 FM

Kyrie – 1st movement from Symphony No. 2 “St. Florian”
Alfred Schnittke [1979] aka “Invisible Mass”

Canticle III: “Still Falls the Rain: The Raids 1940” Op.55
Benjamin Britten [1954] text by Edith Sitwell

Nuages gris
Franz Liszt [August 1881]

Oration {Concerto elegiaco}
Frank Bridge [1930]

Rebus – overture for orchestra
Frank Bridge [1940]

Largo con moto e molto cantabile 
2nd movement from Symphony No.1 Op.7
Gavriil Popov [1934]

Solo – 3rd movement from String Quartet No.3 Op. 94
Benjamin Britten [1975]

Moderato – 2nd movement from String Quartet No.1 Op.49
Dmitri Shostakovich [summer 1938]

Allegretto – 1st movement from Piano Trio No.2
Frank Bridge [1929]

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Op.34
{Variations and Fugue on a theme of Henry Purcell}
{based on the Rondeau from Purcell's
incidental music to Aphra Behn's Abdelazer}
Benjamin Britten [1946]

Canto primo – 1st movement from
Suite No.1 for solo cello Op.72
Benjamin Britten [1964]

Duets – 1st movement from String Quartet No.3 Op.94
Benjamin Britten [1975]

The Evening Primrose
from Five Flower Songs for unaccompanied chorus Op.47
Benjamin Britten [1951]

Sicut pratum
Song from Mediaeval Italy
[performed by Acantus, Bologna Italy, August 1997]

Scherzo-pizzicato & Elegia – 2nd & 3rd movements from
Sonata for Cello & Piano Op.65
Benjamin Britten [1961]

El Grillo
Josquin de Prez [circa 1505]

Street Song – Gassenhauer
Carl Orff [circa 1930]

Gassenhauer nach Hans Neusiedler (1536), commonly known as Gassenhauer is a short piece from Carl Orff's 'Schulwerk'. As the full title indicates, it is either an arrangement of, or inspired by, a much older work by the lutenist Hans Neusiedler from 1536. It (along with several other pieces) is in fact credited to Orff's longtime collaborator, Gunild Keetman, on at least one recent release of the Schulwerk”  

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dead White Guys

four-hour broadcast of 6-22-14

Sandor Veress

Songs of the Seasons:

Seven madrigals for mixed choir

after poems by Christopher Brennan

Iannis Xenakis

Serment: the Hippocratic Oath

set for mixed choir {1981}

Hans Werner Henze:

The Forest & The Spirits from

El Cimarron - Autobiography

of the Runaway Slave

Esteban Montejo {1969-70}

Karlheinz Stockhausen

excerpt from Stimmung

Benjamin Britten

Canticle II: Abraham & Isaac

Modeste Moussorgsky


from Songs & Dances of Death

Hugo Wolf

Um Mitternacht

Charles Ives recorded in 1943

The Alcotts

{third movement from Piano Sonata No.2}

Alfred Schnittke

Four Pieces, Improvisation & Fugue

Francois Joseph Gossec

Larghetto from String Quartet No. 3

Franz Schmidt

Scherzo from String Quartet in A Major, No.1

Johann Strauss, Jr.

Romance No. 2 for Cello & Orchestra, Op. 255

Serge Prokofiev

Montagues & Capulets scored for wind ensemble

Alexei S. Zhivotov

Fragments for Nonet Op. 2 {1928}

Dmitri Shostakovich

first movement from

Symphony No. 15 in A Major Op. 141 {1971}

Gavril N. Popov

Chamber Symphony in C Major Op.2 {1927}

Louis Spohr

Fantasia in C Minor Op.35

Philibert De Lavigne

Jasmine & Ranunculus

Gustav Mahler

second Movement from

Symphony No.3 in D Minor

Franz Schubert

Theme & Variation from the Trout Quintet

for piano, violin, viola, cello & double bass

in A Major, D 667

Kitty Brazelton
Fishy Wishy

"simply the fourth movement

of the Trout re-liedered"


Prelude & Fugue in C Major

from the Well-Tempered Clavier

Book 1 BWV 846

W.A. Mozart

Symphony No. 40 & Rondo alla turca

Ludwig van Beethoven


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dead White Guys broadcast of 5/11/14
6-9 AM via WCBN 88.3 FM

This program began with more than forty of Beethoven's little-known Canons, Epigrams, Pleasantries, Riddles & Jokes. 

As most of these pieces were of less than two minutes' duration, I typed like a fiend in human form for more than half of the show! 

Cannot guarantee absolute numerical catalogue accuracy, especially as the type face in the CD booklet used 3s and 5s which looked perilously similar!

Must say, these are some of my favorite recordings of anything by anybody, and I'd like to have them running on an endless loop from time to time.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Canons, Epigrams, Pleasantries, Riddles & Jokes
Berliner Solisten - Kammerchor der Berliner Singakademie
Dietrich Knothe 1977
Der unbekannte Beethoven Vol. II -Berlin Classics

Musical Joke for 5 solo voices and choir - WoO 100
Canon for 2 with free additional part - Hess 277
Musical joke - WoO 101
Canon for 5 - Hess 276
Canon for 4 - WoO 185
Joke or Riddle Canon - WoO 196
Canon for two instruments in G major - Hess 274
Canon for 5 - WoO 197
Canonlike movement WoO 174
Canon for 2 - WoO 180
Anglaise in D major for piano - Hess 61
Song of the Monks from Schiller's "William Tell" - WoO 104
Riddle Canon - WoO 190
Canon for 5 - WoO 178
Canon for 5 - text by Friedrich Schiller - WoO 165
Riddle Canon - WoO 173
Riddle Canon - WoO 188
Riddle Canon - WoO 175
Canon for 3 - WoO 181 No. 3
Canon for 6 - text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - WoO185
Canon for 2 male voices & 2 double basses - WoO 177
Canon for 3 - WoO 191
Riddle Canon - WoO 198
Canon for 4 - WoO 187
Canon for 4 - WoO 167
Canon for 3 - WoO 182
Canon for 4 - WoO 181 No.1
Introduction & Canon for 4 - WoO 179
Canon for 4 - WoO 171
Canon for 4 - WoO 181 No.2
Canon for 2 - WoO 195
Canon for 4 - WoO 165
Canon for 2 instruments in A flat major - Hess 275
Canon for 3 - WoO 159
Riddle Canon - WoO 169
Canon for 2 - Hess 229
Canon for 2 - text by Pietro Metastasio - WoO 186
Canon for 3 - WoO 161
Canon for 3 - WoO 164
Canon for 4 instruments - WoO 160 No.2
Canon for 4 - WoO 162
Canon for 3 - WoO 172
Riddle Canon: "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis"
- text by Lucius Annaeus Seneca - WoO 192
Canon for 3 instruments - WoO 160 No.1
Riddle Canon - text by Johann Gottfried Herder - WoO 168 No.1
Canon for 3 - WoO 168 No.2
Canon for 5 - "Falstafferel" - WoO 184
Allegro in a major for 2 violins - WoO 34
Abschiedsgesang - text by Ignaz von Seyfried - WoO102

Mitsuko Shirai & Hartmut Holl
W.A. Mozart: Die Alte {"to be sung a little through the nose"} 1787
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Lieder

City of Prague Philharmonic - Robin White - vocal by David Kernan
Half-Caste Woman/Pas de Deux
The Grand Tour: Ballet Music of Noel Coward
silva classics

Martin Jones
Three Early Pieces {third unfinished} c.1919 - world premiere recording
Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Music Volume Two

Staatskapelle Berlin- Gunther Herbig
Music for a ballet of knights - WoO 1
Der unbekannte Beethoven Vol. II
Berlin Classics

Soloists and Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre
Chvokhinev & Gavriouchka
Dmitri Shostakovich: The Gamblers - opera on a play by Gogol
Le Chant du Monde

Maria Callas with Sung Kil Kim {workshop recording, 1972}
Aria from Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto, Act II: Cortigiani, vil razza dannata
Maria Callas at Juilliard: The Masterclasses

Maria Callas 1964
Chanson Boheme - from Georges Bizet's Carmen, Act II
La Divina 2

Donald Swann
In the Desert
Flanders & Swann: At the Drop of Another Hat
Parlophone EMI

Flanders & Swann
Ill Wind
At the Drop of Another Hat
Parlophone EMI

Orchestra of the Old Fairfield Academy
Thomas Crawford, conductor
Malcolm Bilson, fortepiano
Allegro from Concerto for Piano in E Flat Major, K.107, No.3
Mozart: Three Piano Concerti, K.107
Musical Heritage Society

Gidon Kremer: Kremerata Baltica
5 Min. Aus dem Leben von W.A.M.
for violin, string orchestra & percussion - by Alexander Raskatov
After Mozart

Christoph Stadner & Charles Owen
Andante from Sonata for Cello & Piano in F major
by Carl Goldmark Op 39 {1892}
Turn of the Century 'Cello
Dorian Discovery

Tashi - featuring pianist Peter Serkin & cellist Fred Sherry 1975
Louange a l'Eternite de Jesus
{Praise to the Eternity of Jesus} composed 1941
Quartet for the End of Time
RCA Victor

Members of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble - Edo de Waart
Divertimento in B Flat for 3 basset horns KV App. 229/439b No.3
W.A. Mozart: Serenades & Divertimenti
Philips "Complete" Mozart Edition